Is Prostitution Right Or Wrong?

Escorts are falsely accused of and sometimes arrested for prostitution, which is considered as an illegal business in some places. It’s assumed that any time an escort is giving non-sexual favors or just simply accompanying someone to an event or other social engagement, that the act is being used as prostitution. They are treated like other sex workers from websites like where the models are free to use their bodies to earn money as they like. But really, what kind of social value does prostitution have? Doesn’t it only exist in movies and in some dirty, smoky back alleys? And is all this going on right under our noses?

Realizing that most people who patronize escort services do not actually think of using sex services while they’re around the person, it’s hard to make any arguments against the prostitution charges against escort services. But I do feel empathy for those women, which sometimes are innocent victims of false accusations and prostitution is often the fault of the supposedly “pornified” woman. Live sex with an exotic or otherwise unavailable male seems like a foolish choice to me.

But then I guess I have this whole idea of prostitution aside, since I don’t think the service of escorts should be banned altogether, since there are certain times when sex between two consenting adults (asexual relations) may be justifiable. For instance, I believe that many women have indeed been the victim of false accusations of prostitution by one man who has impregnated multiple women. However, the fact remains that some women may indeed be claiming that they were forced into having sexual relations with escorts, even though it seems unlikely (given that most prostitution charges are for forced sex). And I think it’s OK to respect a woman’s right to decide whether she wants to do business with any guy she chooses to. The problem arises when one portion of society makes it OK to criminalize anyone who goes against that belief – especially if those women are sex workers. Live sex with an unavailable male seems like a foolish choice to me.

The question is whether we live in a world where “promiscuousness” is a good thing, or whether we live in a world where it is acceptable to criminalize a woman’s decision to engage in sexual activity with a complete stranger. I think the latter is more correct, and I’ll talk about that more in my next post. In short: yes, I believe prostitution charges should be illegal. I also think it’s OK to respect the decisions of those who choose to work as escorts.

Of course, being an escort doesn’t make you a bad person. Escorts do provide a valuable service to both men and women. I know plenty of women who do prefer to have sex with an actual person instead of an impersonal object. But sometimes that preference comes at a price, and some women find it insulting when a total stranger decides to demand sex from them. My own instinct is to tell such a woman to mind her own business, but some women feel better letting the woman who helped them “help herself”.

That brings me to the other side of the argument: cheap escorts. Yes, I feel that prostitution is wrong, and that those people who solicit sex from other people, especially from those who are not particularly pleased about their existence, should not be supported. However, this is not a call for the criminalization of all prostitutes. As I noted above, some women do feel more comfortable letting a complete stranger who may not be well intentioned, buy them a drink, give them a ride, take them somewhere, and have sex with them. To say that anyone who works as an escort, therefore, should be arrested for solicitation is an overstatement, and a bit Salon-esque even.

I suppose the question can be asked: is it wrong for a man to buy an escort from a legitimate and reputable online escort agency? On one hand, the law says that men cannot solicit prostitutes, nor can they promise to bring one on a date. On the other hand, a lot of men work for escort agencies as sex workers, so I do not see how one can draw a distinction between buying sex for money and hiring a masseuse to pamper one. Again, though, there is a distinction between the act of buying sex for money and hiring someone to perform services, even if those services are actually offered through an online escort agency. As I said, though, some agencies will advertise themselves as brothels, and they should be treated as such.

The bottom line is that there is no clear answer to the question posed: is prostitution right or wrong? For me, it comes down to a moral judgment call. I personally feel that prostitution is wrong, and that those who offer it should pay the price for their immoral behavior. That does not mean that I support everything that goes on between prostitutes and clients, though. And, even if I don’t think the practice is right, I don’t feel it is wrong, either.